shelby santin dietitian md va dc

I believe that healing from disordered eating has the ability to transform your life

If you want a more positive relationship with food and your body but don’t know where to start, then I’m here to guide you. 

My Story

I became a dietitian because I have always been drawn to the power that food has to nourish us. Growing up in an Italian family, food was so much more than just subsistence – it was how we communicated, how we showed love and care for each other, and how we celebrated special occasions.

When you’re struggling with your relationship with food, it can affect every aspect of life – from mental health to physical well-being. Healing from disordered eating is anything but easy or straightforward; it can be incredibly painful and discouraging at times.

However, I also know is that if we persevere with this journey toward recovery, the rewards are immensely transformative. It’s why I’m so passionate about helping others through their journeys of healing and growth – it’s an incredible privilege to witness the positive changes in someone’s life as they regain freedom around food and learn to trust themselves again.


shelby santin dietitian md va dc
shelby santin nutrition

As a dietitian, I work hard to provide evidenced-based advice in an empathetic and non-judgmental environment. My goal is always to help my clients develop a healthier relationship with food that supports both their physical health and emotional wellbeing.

With my guidance and support, my clients gain clarity around what works best for them nutritionally while also learning strategies to disengage from diet culture or eating disorder thoughts and patterns.

I believe that no one food or way of eating has moral value and my hope is that you are able to view food without judgment and find the joy in eating again.

My Philosophy

Nutrition care that helps you connect to your body and life again

I believe that YOU are the expert of your own body and your autonomy in our work together is of utmost importance to me.

That means that I will provide guidance, support and education, however, at the end of the day, you are in control of what your care looks like. I wholeheartedly believe in creating a space and an experience that helps you focus on getting back in touch with your body’s needs, so that you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

My Mission

To provide compassionate nutrition care to help others heal their relationship with food and body, so they can be present in all the positive moments that life has to offer.

shelby santin nutrition

My Values

Non-judgmental space where all emotions are welcome

Creating a space where everyone feels welcome and not judged is important to me because I know that many clients have not had that experience within traditional settings.

A positive and therapeutic relationship

I strive to create a positive and therapeutic relationship by showing up for my clients and being present. I understand that the underlying factors that lead to the development of an eating disorder are complex. I value that everyone has autonomy over their own body and life. My job is not to tell someone what to do, but to provide support and guidance to help someone reconnect to their internal wisdom and have their food behaviors align more with their own values.


I value being reliable and steadfast for my clients. This means showing up on time and showing respect to my clients’ time.

Some of my favorite things
Ready to work together and find the joy in food again?